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  • Kiki

Count Down to Blast Off

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Well, I'm one week out. One more week and I'm leaving my beloved NYC for the highways and bi-ways of America. One more week and I'm officially a nomad; an RV dweller with no address, packing my home with me everywhere I happen to find myself.

Scary. Very scary, indeed...ok, so we're not gonna think about that right now!

Because, before I get myself all freaked out way ahead of schedule, there's important stuff to do here, like...THE TUGBOAT RACE!!!! Woooooooo!!!!!

Everyone was rooting for this little guy because he's so cute!

As a matter of fact, I've shamefully missed this race every year that I've lived here, for one ridiculous reason or another. Every. Single. Year.

Either the weather was acting like a monkey, or I was traveling, or I completely forgot about the damn thing. Well, today marked the end of my tugboat race drought!

Here's a little known fact: I am a tugboat FOOL!!! I loves me a tugboat! And I mean any kind of tugboat. Raggedy, spiffy, big, small, it doesn't even matter. I. LOVE. TUGBOATS.

The Captain D looking all sharp and pretty.

So I got up early and got my self out there to make sure that I would have a front seat to all the action. Admittedly, I kinda thought I'd be the only one out there on the pier at 70th Street and Riverside Park waiting for some scraggly tugboats.

But, alas, by the time the tugboats made their way up the Hudson River around 11:00am, I was surrounded by my fellow tugboat enthusiasts, waving ecstatically and erratically like the tugboat fools that we apparently are.

As a skeptical New Yorker, of course I didn't expect much in the way of tugboat variety. I figured we'd be lucky to have four or five tugs of the same ilk and vintage.

How wrong I was! Just about every one was different than the others. AND there were about 10 or so out there ready queueing up at the start line. It was AMAZING!

Ready for the start!

AAAAND they're off!!!

PATHFINDER left everybody in the dust.