My name is Kiki,

and hot flashes are evil.

What had happened was...

I was minding my own business, driving down a California road, looking for an apartment in Los Angeles. Why? Because I had decided to trade in the craziness of NYC for cool sea breezes and sandy beaches. So...

I bought an RV instead.

Apparently, I thought this was a good idea. Since I clearly don't have enough excitement in my life, on a whim, I decided to take to the roads of America at the age of fifty-something. And, fueled by a raging internal heater and unnecessarily evil hot flashes, try to squeeze my entire middle-aged life inside of a slightly sexy 1990 Itasca Sundancer named Juicy Lucy. 


Of serial killers roaming the backwoods of the deep, dark forest? No. Grizzly bears looking for some yummy food love? No.

Bigfoot and Yetis looking for love in all the wrong places? No. 

Bugs, insects, and other multi-legged critters? Kinda (yes).

No, none of these things will keep me up at night.


What I'm most afraid of is that my air conditioner will quit. As a matter of fact, I'm hot just thinking about it.


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